08 October 2008

Who is Hang Tuah?

Yesterday, my wife had a conversation with an insurance agent and to her surprised, this particular insurance agent has a lot of things to talk about. He seemed to be knowledgeable and has many friends who happen to be teachers in our schools. My wife was caught by surprised when he told her that Hang Tuah's name was scrapped off from the secondary school History book due to the recent report and DNA research done by a US researcher.

Believe it or not...He is actually a CHINESE! and not a Malay. It is believed that Hang Tuah and the geng were sent to Melacca to protect puteri Hang Li Po and the name "Hang" in Chinese is a surname in which the Malays during his time do not carry any surname.

When my wife told me about this, I was schocked too. So I decided to check on the net. I think you should read it too. Very interesting and must be very disheartening for us because all these while, we have been taught that he is a MALAY HERO.

Enjoy reading dude.

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