06 October 2008

Can There Be Peace?

Can there be peace in this world? A question that is commonly asked in war-torned countries. No doubt that I am fortunate to live in a peaceful country today. I really thank God for that. However, the tremendous development that is taking place in my state has created a havoc and hectic life. People living in the cities are becoming insecured. They start to lock their houses, equipped their houses with the most expensive anti-theft systems, keep fierce dogs in their compounds, refuse to talk to neighbours and build tall fences around their houses. Such insecurity does not exist in my kampung. Life is so peaceful over there until I cannot desribe it through words. Let these photos speak for themselves.

Such a wonderful scenery. Untouched by development.

My cousin and I.

Money is not everything for them as long as there's food on the table.

Getting fruits for themselves without having to buy them.

These kids enjoyed themselves by shooting at roosters with their hand-made pistols. unlike our kids in the city where they always wanted expensive and technological-advanced toys to play with.

2 Messages:

nicksuneo said...

Money Not Enough, always not enough.

Willie said...

Wey Nick. Money is something...but not everything. Hahaha