23 September 2009

Project Alpha - fourfeetnine.com and Lundu

Hello bloggers,

I am still on a week holiday in my village, but today I had the chance to blog. I was watching this video from nuffnang (click here) about Malaysia's top bloggers "Project Alpha" and I enjoyed the interview they had with this blogger, Audrey of fourfeetnine.com. You can always visit her blog. But, personally, I won't follow her blog that much because many top bloggers don't visit our blogs who are underdogs in this industry. They are celebrities ma... Hahaha
Anyway, It is interesting to find out how top bloggers are doing. right? To Audrey of fourfeetnine.com, you did a good job. Thanks for inspiring us with your interview.

During the Raya break, I went to Siar Beach Lundu. Thanks to St Helen youth team for inviting me as one of their speakers. I had a good time with you guys. The retreat was in a way, gave us a little break from work.

(My wife really appreciate the time we spent there)

Since on that day, Malaysia is celebrating "Hari Raya Aidilfitri" Siar Beach was really crowded. Jam packed with non-muslims who brought along their families to spend a night there.
My wife bought "mata kucing" or Cat's eye fruits from Lundu. Very tasty. I couldn't help it but to finish all of them. Hahaha(These two ladies were listening attentively to my talks - thanks for paying attention)
(My old good friend - Norris - was very hungry)
(Ready to sit for lunch)

How about you? What did you do during the holiday?

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eugene said...

You are right,we are the underdogs, but time will come we will be celeb blogger too........hahahah.

i am like you,i dont visit famous blogger, i prefer to throw my support to the up and coming one,,,hahahaha

take care bro

Ms Tikot said...

Maok buah mata kucing juak...hehehe

Willie said...

Eugene > hahaha...at least you understand me.

MsTikot > Beli sendirik.

SunShine said...

omg. I havent had mata kucing in ages ):

I went road tripping during the Raya! Despite the Jam. had some cool shots of Sunsets! :D

i'm so addicted to taking pictures of everything. special someone called me a shutterbug. :D

Ocean Girl said...

I didn't realize there's a whole different world in the blogsphere. Your wife seems contented though being on the outside enjoying her mata kucing.

Willie said...

Sunshine > you did not? I also loves photography. Hahaha...but only at certain times and at certain occasions. Cheers!

Ocean Girl > Hahaha...my wife loves outdoor activities especially going out with me. Too bad our son is till very little. We did not bring him that day.

rainfield61 said...

Seems like you are having a good holiday break.

Anonymous said...


Marlene said...

I didn't know we have a speaker-blogger here. It's the job I've always wanted to be, but not really mine. Nice to meet your wonderful wife. Well, not much of al-id-fitr celebration here but I heard it was a holiday in the Phil.

designationjazz said...

Siar beach?? I thought tis place was awfully teribble in management by the operator.. that was told by parents, during their latest trip last year.. How is it now, the management ok ka?..

Rose said...

Nice outing you have there over the holiday.

Dont be so "kecil hati" on the top bloggers, they really earn their place. One day you can be one too! By then, dont forget me and other "underdog" bloggers ok?

chubskulit said...

Wow, its nice to see a photo of your wifey here, that's my first time I saw one hehehe..

Great shots!

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Hazel said...

my holidays, such a good question, come over then u will know

Ivy Metaga said...

bestnya holiday ramai2...

auk mena ya top blogger jarang atau mmg tak ada lawat blog org lain hehe

Icy BC said...

I'm not on a vacation like you :-(, so life is the usual running around, doing chores, and live..I like your sense of humor, Willie!

I also know what you mean about following big dog bloggers! They don't have time for the little gal like me.

Desmond said...

Keep on clicking for the unique good shots with that camera and you will be on your way to the top blog. At least you have started somewhere...i am stuck to what camer to purchase. Budget problem... maybe we get bonus this year i donno :(

Ayie said...

so sweet of your wife to bring you something delish to snack on =)

Willie said...

Rainfield > Yes I am. Thanks.

Krisno > Hehe

Marlene > I alaways give talks outside whether it is concerned with religion or non-religion. It took my years to build up my credibility.

DesignationJazz > They have improved a lot.

Rose > Hahah...i will never forget you ma...kan i always visit you? Hahaha

Chubskulit > Hahaha..the first time? You are blessed then.

Hazel > I know. You jaga anak all the time. Ahaks!

IvyMetaga > Hehehe...ada juak org setuju ngan aku. Ahaks!

IvyBicy > Hehehe...what can we do?

Desmond > I am sure you will get one.

Ayie > She is always sweet. I love her very much.

fourfeetnine said...

who said we don't read your blogs?!

and i don't think you can classify us as celebs or anything.. we're all the same what T_T

Willie said...

Fourfeetnine > Oh! I am flattered. Thanks for dropping by.