17 September 2009

Can't Wait For Raya Break

Ah! I can't wait for Raya holiday. Last night, the Ministry of Education announced that Friday will be a special holiday for all schools in Malaysia. The best thing is that, I will soon be meeting most of my family members starting from tomorrow. They have applied for holidays and my cousins, who are mostly teachers, will be back to kampung too.

Not to mention, my son is always excited about going home to kampung. He enjoys the peacefulness in kampung. But of course , for a week, we will be missing life in Kuching especially my son, who loves to eat at fast food restaurants whenever we have the chance to do so.

I used to feed him food, but now, as a boy, he is really independent. He can eat by himself.
(At pizza hut)
(At Sunny Hill Ice Cream)
(At McDonald)
(At Hong Kong Noodle House, not a fast food restaurant eh!)

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Anonymous said...

wah..syok cuti Raya :-)

amieyalen said...

Happy Raya Brother!!!! and happy holiday.... :P

Norris said...

ehehehe...org dah cuti...yala best jadi pengajar tok...mauahahaha...see you di lundu bro...
kris join us? boleh pancing2 di lundu

babYpose said...

I can't wait too for raya. Ala chomelnyaa..makan apa tu?

cyrildason said...

You know, I'm always for these FREE holidays... but not this time.

I've got so much work to do, I'd prefer not to have holidays for now and finish up all the work.

With the holiday, some of my paperwork cant be approved coz they are also on holiday.

But yeah... holiday means holiday... at least got holiday ;P

Ivy Metaga said...

cute sekali nya makan...=)
kmk pun sik sabar mau balik kch juak this coming saturday huhu..

Merryn said...

banyak nya ur son makan!!!! :)

Hazel said...

so nice hah, the holidays are coming

eugene said...

Hey bro,

Sincerely,wishing you a happy holiday,it is time to spend real good quality time with the family, forget about the fast food joints lah,,,, makanan kampung also very nice ma

Ai Shiang said...

Oh Raya soon! I like that puasa period when there are stores set up selling all delicious malay food. Especially at Satok area. You have a good break!

Rudy said...

yeap..everybody will take long break for this hari raya...huhu..

AmirFX said...

Yorobi... lamak dah sik jejak kaki makan eskrem d sunny hill.. terkenang inda kejap tek... nway, happy holiday... dirik duhal cikgu... haha...

lina said...

Enjoy your Raya break! :)

Ayie said...

kids grow up so fast, now you can only chase after himand he runs away playing =)

Willie said...

Krisno > Kawu sik cuti bro?

AmieyAlen > Happy Raya to u Amiey!

Norris > See u in Lundu bro. I have special sharing for you. Hahaha

babyPose > Banyak makan tu babyPose.

CyriL > I feel sorry for you bro.

IvyMetaga > Ya? u org kuching ho?

MerryN > baby Sihat. Ahaks!

Hazel > Hi Hazel. Gald to see u here.

Eugene > You are right bro!

AiShiang > I love Bazaar Ramadhan!

Rudy > Selamat Hari Raya To U!

AmirFx > Hahaha...sapa sik rinduk ngan ais krim sunnyhill ya pok!

Lina > Thanks!

Ayie > That's true!

foongpc said...

Haha! Your son is cute!

I also can't wait for the Raya holidays! And I don't want it to end! : )

Marlene said...

Less work for you now that your son can eat by himself. I like that pic in Hongkong Noodle House, looks yummy!

I can feel the foods coming on the Raya holidays. :-)

Icy BC said...

He is adorable, Willie! Most children here in America love fast food restaurants as well, especially french fries!

Have a good break..