05 December 2008

A Magazine at Kuching Popular Book Store

Reading has always been my interest since young. Since, I begin to like photography, like most of the bloggers here, I started to invest in buying photography magazines. Thus, yesterday I went to Popular Book Store in BDC to buy a Digital Camera magazine. Much to my surprise, it contains one spelling error or maybe, a wrong choice of word. The fact that it is a well-know magazine, mistake like this is inexcusable!

Question from the advertisement: Deadline or Dateline?

Some people are still confused of which one to use. If you refer to any English dictionary,

Dateline: A line in a newspaper article that gives its date and place of origin or, it also means the highlight (topic) of the day.

Deadline : A time frame given for someone to complete his task.

I am no English language expert, and I do commit language mistakes sometimes, but then, at least I know to differentiate deadline and dateline. How about you? Anything to share regarding confusing English words? I hope at least with this post, bloggers can improve their English. Thank you for reading. Please, no offense.

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Bb said...

I also confuse with the words. Once, I use the "deadline" word for my submission task, a few friends argued. They said I suppose to use dateline instead of deadline.

Willie said...

Ahaks! Really?

khairul onggon said...

I pun confused, but never use that word coz im not good in english hehehe..

Tp mun dak magazine suppose to know this mistake lah owh.. Sidakkan editor..

Owh.. thats my favourite magazine too.. DCM.. i like.. hehe

C.Alv.B said...

Ya bah..sometimes I do make mistake..especially when someone talk to me abt deadline but pronounce/spell dateline and I will reply the same hehehhee

HoneyBUZZin said...

Is it deadline..not dateline? I tot it's dateline all this while? hmmm....now which one is correct? (head scratching mode-on)

Willie said...

Khairul > Hahaha...me no good too la. But the fact that they are a well known magazine, they should not have made the mistake. Kan ada editor. Hahah

Calv.B > Well...sama sama lah we learn.

HOneyBuZzin > I think the best way is to rujuk dictionary.

Hamidah Mohamad said...

There're too many confusing English words just to quote an example; Alternately means taking turns,and Alternatively - as an option.Btw, I'm poor in photography and not computer savvy hahaha...and my English? There're still rooms for improvement.

Sara said...

hehehe.. ur eyes really sharp my friend. btw.. I love to read ur writting... proper english. Wish i can do d same as u, kak midah & MBC

Desmond said...

Date line to me is a line one says to pick up a date :) 'Hey there beautiful...." and you haved a date :)

Dead line - when the phone is not working?

Hehe...just offering another perspective.

Willie said...

Hamidah & Sara > hahaha...like i'm perfect. Gee..let's learn together through blogging.

Desmond > I can't stand laughing. Yes you are right there.

One Other ... said...

Willie, i had an hour argument with my exboss on this and still she didnt believe me until I emailed her the def. And then, she went quiet. Hah. Kata org, just because ur used to using the word, doesnt mean its correct. Alah bisa, tegal biasa, kata cikgu ku marek.

So, r u thinking of joining? but just 4GB?

Willie said...

On other > Biasalah, boss is always right. Hahaha. and that photography thing, nope, won't be joining. Because i missed the deadline.