09 December 2008

Alvin Leong Academy

Wait a minute! Alvin Leong is with OUM? Cool. But who look for whom? OUM looked for Alvin Leong or Alvin Leong looked for OUM?. That's not important right? I have always heard about him when it comes to photography, in fact, he took my graduation photo when I received my diploma scroll. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember his face. How popular is he? Throughout Malaysia? If yes, then, I truly respect him. I really admire his work as he presented in his official website here Maybe, one day, if I work hard enough, i'll be able to become like him.

This is the location of his academy, on the way to simpang tiga Kuching.

Now, these are some night shots I took a few days ago at BDC. I wonder what will Alvin Leong's say about them when he sees them...I wonder what will his criticism be on these photos. I wonder, I wonder....Urgh...so stressful to be a good photographer.

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Mummy Dzeiqry et Dzahra said...

nice picture willie!

C.Alv.B said...

Still single kah that Alvin Leong? hehehhe..anyway ..nice pics they have there

Willie said...

Mummy > Thanks. But i think it is not as good as Alvin Leong's.

CalvB > Single? Hehehe that one you have to ask him personally.

One Other ... said...

Isnt that alvin leong guy has a studio in front of lodge school? at tabuan? if he's opening an academy, he is good. I think i met him once, a macho guy with long hair, chinese look. (or was that his assistant?) but he was friendly.

Sumuk said...

then you also might want to check out this guy.. another aspiring sarawakian photographer..


Hamidah Mohamad said...

I really admire your strong passion in photography and maybe you should enroll with Alvin Leong Academy,who knows one day you may be like him.Anyway, nice shots you have there.

Alvin Leong said...

Hi Willie, thank you so much for posting my academy photo up on your blog. I am so touched! For a start you have good eyes and you know how to see things. However, there are few techniques that you need to bear in mind when taking night shots. I will share with you more on this.. You need to take around dusk, which is usually just right after the sun set, so the yellow lights from the streets are not to harsh, and you can still see the details on the bluish sky. Yes, OUM approached me as they need a professional working on the photography programme. We agreed that photography needs to be taught by professionals rather than lecturers that happen to like photography and not professional photographers. We have a free talk this coming Friday, 12 Dec, and would like to invite you, you need to write in to us for registration, at info@alvinleongacademy.com check out my blog for more details. www.alvinleong.com/blog

Its ONE NIGHT only, and limited seatings thus you need to register with us for the seat. We have 4 professional photographers to talk. Take care and shoot lots of photos.


Audio said...

Bro!~.. kita sama2 kumpul duit.. lepas ya kita beli DSLR.. only then we can be somethin or more than Alvin Leong hehehe.. :)

Willie said...

One Other > Yes, I saw that too. I think that's his studio.

Sumuk > Thanks for the link.

Hamidah > I still have a lot of things to learn. Maybe from Alvin Leong.

Alvin > Geee...didn't thought you found my blog and actually read about it. Hehehe thanks for the comment. I'll try to come to the talk because I have 3-days course to attend.

Audio > Yes. Tungg uduit cukup. Right not i'm still using Semi-SLR. Blom cukup bagus agik.