19 November 2008

Maintenance Free Part 1?

Yesterday, after lunch we had a short break at The Friendship Park. As usual after lunch, one of my friends will surely smoke. When we were there, it really hurt my eyes to see rubbish were scattered on the pathway. Is this park well taken care of?

Can you see the rubbish laying on the pathway?

Even the birds enjoyed themselves scavanging the rubbish.

The buildings there are old and scratched, the pond is smelly, the flowers and plant are dying without being trimmed and fertilized. Gee, just like our Prime Minister once said "we are good at building things but poor in maintaining them". That's why I said, we are really maintenance free.

6 Messages:

Sara said...

So sad..

But 2 thumbs up for ur photo bro.. I like d 2nd pic.. nice angle

Yatie SawaNiLa.com said...

actually , pengguna pun patut bertanggung jawab... suppose majlis pembandaran to take care kan

Willie said...

Sara > Thanks. But again, it was an impromptu shot. Hahaha. Luckily i brought my cam along.
Yatie> Yes i agree with you. People should be civilized.

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Sad that littering is still a common sight in public areas. The local council should keep a close check on this too.

C.Alv.B said...

Hi Willie..thanx for dropping a mesage at my web :). I like ur v$eiw anyway. Dont you know that 'some' malaysian people have this kind of attitue..'littering and sleeping'.

One Other ... said...

People take things like this for granted. Everybody think the cleaning job belongs to some council or other, that's why they are sure someone would pick up after them. bad attitude huh.