19 November 2008

Maintenance Free Part 2?

Now, moving on the second part. In the first part, I mentioned that, we are poor at maintaining our buildings. Here's another case... when you go shopping for electrical gadgets, businesses will lure us to buy electrical gadgets by offering so called, excellent after sales service, 6 months to 1 year warranty and provide lots of discount. What happen when it comes to maintenance?

Case 1:

The digital camera that I bought (RM399) for my dad malfunctioned. So, I sent to the shop where I bought this camera. They said "Sorry, no more warranty. You need to send it to our service centre by yourself". "Fine!" I told myself. Then I drove to the service centre, and they said, "the cost of repair is around RM250". Is it worth repairing when it is half of the purchased price?

Case 2:

My Acer Laptop was broken. The same as my digicam. I went to Acer service centre in BDC, near the roundabout. They told me, it will take around RM400 to repair and I have to wait for the stock to arrive from KL. Which means, my laptop have to stay with them with no surity of when I will get back the laptop.

Gee... are we that bad? Why is it so troublesome to maintain and repair stuffs? Do all goods meant to be used once and then be thrown away when they are broken?

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Hamidah Mohamad said...

I guess certain goods very much depend on their manufacturing qualities to guarantee longer life-span thus saving cost on maintenance but if it is not cost effective to repair then you may have no option but to get a new one. Too bad Kuching has no place like Low Yat Plaza KL that provides faster and specialized computer service centre.

Sara said...

It hurt my heart too sometime. By d time d warranty finished.. then d thing started to create problems.

Yea K Hamidah.. me too love to shop digi-gadget @ Low Yatt.. hehehe..

Willie said...

Guys, I read in KPDN brochure saying that it is cheaper to buy expensive items that last longer than buying cheap items but need to be replaced many time.

And guys... to tell you the truth, I have never been to Low Yatt plaza. I wasn't into computers before, that's why Low Yatt wasn't in my list of top ten most visited shopping centre. When i was young, I loved motorbikes more than anything. Haha

sharon (^.^) said...


new laptop soon?

yatie.sawanila.com said...

apa kata beli laptop baru???

Anonymous said...

think u could get a new camera. and prolly send ur laptop for repair, no?

Willie said...

Alamak! Pokai la me... Sharon, Yati and Sam all suggested i get a new laptop. Need to work hard like this liao. Hey saM, got vacancy in your place or not?

Anonymous said...

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