14 October 2008

Puspakom is a Bad Idea?

I remembered there was a suggestion to make it compulsory for private car owners to send their vehicles to puspakom for annual checking. They said, its objective was to reduce road accidents. However, in my opinion, car accidents are mostly cause by drivers' reckless attitude and to tell you the truth, other than hospitals, going to puspakom is the last thing I would do. It's so popular among Malaysians that Puspakom service is rather slow, the garage is small and tend to cause massive traffic jams, especially when there are lorries and trailers around. Not to mention, it is full of male drivers / runners who keep the ladies away . I myself was stucked in the jam (in Kuching puspakom) and had to wait for two hours to get my car inspected. It was a nightmare. So I strongly opposed the suggestion for private car owners to send their cars for inspections.

This is the counter for payment and to collect inspection results.

My wife's Honda City being inspected by a puspakom staff.

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