24 May 2010

Is Courtesy Expensive?

Few weeks ago, I have received many SMS (Short Messaging Service) from my friends to my phone. It is indeed the easiest way to communicate or probably the cheapest, if that person is in your friends and family list.

Some of the SMS I usually get are in the form of questions such as "Is there any ferry today?" "What is the phone number of the school?" etc. After answering the SMS, I always wonder why these people had problems writing a simple phrase which is "Thank You". Is sending another message as a courtesy too costly?

The worst is when people never bother to reply your SMS, right? I think not having enough credit or too busy are lame excuses. We can always reply later once we get the credit or once we are free. Oh well....I think we all (including me) should learn phone etiquette. In my lesson on "Effective communication Skill" I always include this part a bit. What do you think.?

And now, let me introduce this blog:

I would like to welcome Chybee into my blog list. Her blog is interesting because her blog is a photo blog. She posted a lot of nice photos. Since I am a photo enthusiast, any blogs that show beautiful photos will definitely attract me. To all my blogger friends, please do visit her blog too at http://chybeelila.com .

25 Messages:

Norris said...

best blog orang tok...kena add tok tok..ehehehe.gambar2 kacaks!ehehe

Daniel Chiam said...

Now that you have mention it, it true that some of us refuse to spend a few cent on a simple 'Thank you'.

Haha I think everyone shouldnt take it lightly because every action that we take could be use to justified of who we really are.

I wanted to be known as a person who appreciate help from others.

lina said...

it's true.

how often do you get a thanks or even a nod and a smile when you hold the door to someone?

and sometimes, because many didn't expect a thanks, they were taken aback when it was uttered to them.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Norris :Pasti tak rugi.

Daniel :I believe you are a courteous person.

Lina :I hope saying thank you will be part of our life.

ztie said...

thank you for the introduction on Chybee's blog.. love it! aaha.. ok. i did say thank you ... eventhough not sms.. hehehe.. thanks again for the courtesy reminder :D

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why some people cannot reply a simple yes or no to the sms message. At least people don't have to wonder if their answer is yes, no or the sms wasn't received on the other end.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Courtesy is taught at an early age and should come natural.

eugene said...

Sometime we just take the simplest thing in life for granted lah,,, need to reflect

lvynana said...

I dont expect any courtesy when it comes to sms...sad to say, I dont give any too..huhu..

lvynana said...

I dont expect any courtesy when it comes to sms...sad to say, I dont give any too..huhu..

Anonymous said...

mun last sms received madah OK...i consider that as simple thank you.

chegu carol said...

if it's a question or a favor asked via sms, i will expect a return thank you even if it's just one line 'tq'. i even reply a thank you sms to my hubby if i ask him a favor through sms.

Azlina Abdul said...

You are right Willie....nowadays a lot of people find it hard to say thank you...it happens to me a lot...it's so sad really. It would seem like they are so afraid of losing their money by replying to say TQ...SO kedekut one!LOL!

Her blog is gorgeous...love it! Will add her in my blog list :).

RoseBelle said...

It is annoying when people don't respond to text messages. At least an acknowledgment that they received the text would be nice so you don't stand there waiting for a response. I often get, "oh I was busy" in which a tell them a simple "ttyl" (talk to you later) would be suffice to let me know the recipient is busy. I agree, people often forget to even type two letters "ty" - thank you.

cyrildason said...

I get annoyed when ppl do that to me, not saying thank you, and not being courteous. Its not hard, but ppl dont do it. What more if they ask one line questions, and go on and on.. but end up not even bothering to say thank you. As I told my younger sister.. "It doesnt take much to say thank you, and no matter who they are.. just say it because it will make people feel better and more appreciated".

Anyway, the caption of her website made me click her blog. Nice lay out.


rainfield61 said...

Thank you for this post.

wenn said...

courtesy is taken for granted already..but i always say lots of thank you everyday.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Zytie :Glad u like her blog.

MeiTeng :I don't understand too.

Judy :Yes. I agree with you.

Eugene :That's true.

Ivynana : I think that's the culture we need to instill in us and other people.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Fonsuz :OK is better than nothing.

Carol :Yup. that's it.

Azlina :I hope this entry helps to remind us all.

Rosebelle :They can have thousands of reasons for not responding. But still, as courtesy, we need to respond right?

Cyril :I'm glad you taught your sister that.

Rainfield :You're welcome.

Wenn :We need to make it a habit to say thank you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats habit hehe..anywhere gambar blog perempuan ia cantik..

betchai said...

that is a very beautiful picture, i can relate to how you feel of not getting replies, I don't send SMS, but there are some important emails also and other communications also that I sometimes experience people are just too busy to reply. And oftentimes, I see them chatting live, that is why they can not reply to important messaages :)

yanie said...

Willie! thanks a lot for promoting my blog. I owed u thousand thanks! sorry for the late thanks. I'm busy preparing for my coming trip. Will be away for a week and will come back again with more photos hopefully :)

I feel touched! You're awesome!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Krisno :aok. ku rasa u pun boleh tukar blog layout.

Betchai :Hahaha tooo..busy.

Yanie :No problem.

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SunShine said...

People do indeed lack courtesy these days. Not only via a simple SMS, even real life scenarios too! Its sad indeed, yet we always want to teach the younger generations on respect on courtesy.

I would very much prefer learn first, then teach the younger ones! dont you think so ? :)