28 February 2010

Have we neglected our responsibilities?

Note: This entry touches on a sensitive issue. It does not apply to those who are working abroad or those who have no choice but to be away from home due to work commitment.

My View:

Almost all of us, in Malaysia, belong to a village. I belong to a village where their main occupation is as a farmer, but not rich farmers as in the United Kingdom or in New Zealand. These people live a simple life and yet many of their sons and daughters are educated and have become important people in our society.

It is the talk of the town that once their sons and daughters got a good job, they will think about buying a car and a house in Kuching or live forever in a city. However, very little of them talk about helping to improve their parents' life in the village or to repay their kindness by visiting them every week. Very little were said about giving money to their poor parents or repair the holes on the roof.

Worst, some of them choose to leave their village forever an it is sad to see old people are left unattended in my village by some ungrateful children. Believe it or not, some of these old people came to our house to ask for food and shelter. What happened to their children who have good jobs? Have they neglected their responsibilities?
(Last week, I spent three days, two nights celebrating the harvesting season at my village)

Unlike them, I dedicate my life to serve and stay in my village even though I work in the city. I do not buy properties in town, but I upgrade the house we have in our village and make sure my parents are visited every week to ensure their well-being is taken care of. When I have long holidays, I will make sure that I visited our native lands so that they will not be taken by other people. I know when I grow old or in sickness someday, it is those people living in the village (my relatives) who will be there for me and not people living in the city and not even my colleagues whom I call as friends will take care of me.
(The blessing of our food)

No matter who we will be in future, I strongly feel that we should not neglect our village, family and our old house in our village. If your village is near you and is accessible by road, I think "busy" is a lame excuse for not paying a visit to your village especially when our parents and grandparents are still alive. Oh well...I guess, this is my rambling because I really pity those who are poor in my village and yet their children are earning big money in the city.

(The blessing of the rice harvested earlier)

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Ocean Girl said...

Whenever I visited the village in my hometown, it felt so isolated and lonely. Like everybody is gone. In fact I found foreigners taking care of some family homes.

Everybody is after city life and sometimes we do not have much choice because that is where one can make a living.

It is really good of you to be close and cherish your parents and your land. Hopefully it would be a lifestyle your children can emulate.

rainfield61 said...

What we are doing now, these will be the examples for our children in the future.

Bb Hussain said...

People only regret when they already lost the people they love..Love our parents and family and take care of them while they still alive..

Nimi said...

you are right, there's a lot of old people are being neglected back at kampung there. i've seen so many cases. i do hope that my parents did not think i neglected them as im only back twice a year, but at least i ensure that i call them every month or so to tell them i've sent some token for them, thus taking the chance to find out about their wellbeing. they are just a phone call away.

wah, man boras bauh yoh!

lvynana said...

A very good advice. I'm lucky i'm staying not far from my parents (and mertua juga), we can visit them anytime.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

OceanGirl :My mom's village is empty and I hardly know anybody there. But i still visit her because she is my mother. Hehehe. Yes. City is where people is making a living. You are truly right. It is just that some people, whose village is so near pun tak nak balik. Itu yang aku sakit hati tu.

Rainfield :What you are saying is true.

bbHUssain : Yes. You are right. People say, send them flowers when they are still alive and not when they are dead.

Nimi :Sometimes we don't have choice like you do. As long as you keep in touch with them, it is already a nice thing to do.

Ivynana :You are just lucky like me.

Uncle Greg said...

good reminder bro,
like they say,what goes around comes around

wenn said...

ya, we need to be responsible.

Anonymous said...

Hehe...like me almost every Saturday and Sunday working..must say YES to the bos as long we work with Goverment...but i do remember our parents..hehe

fonsusz said...

sedih tapi benar...even if you buy house in town, sekurang2nya upgrade/repair juak rumah parents...kelak pulang gawai/christmas rinduk juak hati bah.

Faizal n Fashitah said...

What goes around comes around. It has to be like that. This is the time untuk kita kenang balit jasa our parents.. while they still alive. Hopefully this entry dapat bukak mata sesiapa yang terasa and lakukan apa yang sepatutnya sidak suppose to do.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

UncleGreg :Yeah. Just like what Justin Timberlake said. Hehe

Wenn :It's true right?

Krisno :Must keep in touch with them always yeah?

Fonsusz :Benar apa dipadah u.

Faizal :Memang sepatutnya macam ya. Harap sapa yg sik tauk berubah ya akan berubah la.

Nick Phillips said...

You're absolutely right. People tend to forget that their parents work hard to put them where they are today and once they're successful, they just ignore them.

Makes me wonder whether my kids will do the same thing to me one day.

manglish said...

i also wonder how someone could abandon their families, something that i dont think i can do as long as they are still breathing

fufu said...

wow wow wow... i am a kampung boy also =p but my kampung has nothing but IPSI (now UPSI) i wanna settle down a village one day... but have to be equipped with everything just like japan/nz/uk

My said...

This is both touching and terrifying. How can children neglect their parents? In my country, the children are bound to help their parents after getting a good job, support their needs and even take care of them when they get older. I guess it has something to do with the culture.

SJB said...


Coffee Girl said...

thats what i said before. sekolah tinggi-tinggi, then tinggalkan kampung, tinggalkan mak bapak. sad... and then forget ur root. build up the city but forget your own house.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

NickPhillips :Let us hope that our children won't be like that.

Manglish :They are just heartless. Hehehe

Fufu :Good luck in your pursuit.

My :I agree with you.


CoffeeGirl :Nicely said.

Bengbeng said...

this post is a sad reflection of the times. i hesitate to call it neglecting responsibilities. sometimes there is little alternative. people just got to do what they have to do

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember our roots and those who have brought us up to where we are today.