05 February 2010

Eugene, MeiTeng, Manglish and Cyril

Every blog has their own style of writing and probably has their own theme. I personally enjoy reading some of the blogs and I would like to thank them for supporting my blog too. Their comments are very much appreciated. Here are some blogs that I love to read and why.
Firstly, Eugene's blog. Wow! This blog touches a lot on social issues and about his personal life. I know some people may not be happy about his open minded character, but I love reading real life stories that actually has a lot of moral values. It makes him a person with a gentle heart. His sentimental writing style touches my heart too. He values his family more than anything and that keeps me motivated to love my family even more.

Secondly, Mei Teng. Mei Teng is a Malaysian migrated to Australia (Just a wild guess). I get to know her through other blog. Her writing is simple and easy to understand, especially for those bloggers who are not really fluent in English. Since I am a free lance photographer, what interest me the most is that the photos that she took for her blog. I really enjoy looking at her photos and sometimes I look at her photos over and over again.

Thirdly, the Manglish blog. Before I opened his blog, I thought he is going to write his blog with broken English because Manglish is a short form for "Malaysian English" (I suppose Malaysians speak broken English. Hahaha). However, it turned out to be the other way. He writes good English and I admire that. I learn a few new vocabulary from his blog. What I like about his story is that, he writes about controversial issues that might be a taboo in our society. But his openness on certain issues is really entertaining and mind blowing. On top of that, I must say that he is wise in choosing his words since none of his writing are offensive, but rather create interests in reading his blog. Well done bro!
Finally, Cyril's blog. I love reading his blog because he is very resourceful. He keeps us updated of what is going on in Kuching and he helps Kuching bloggers to get special passes (tickets) for special events such as the Rainforest Music Festival and any events at BCCK. At times, he also touches on controversial issues like Manglish and that makes his blog very interesting to read. What makes me continue reading his blog? Well...we have one thing in common,... we are both teachers.

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Pete said...

I think their blogs are good and interesting read too.Keep up the good work!

ahlost said...

Wootz.. didn't know you're a Cikgu too :D

Emillia said...

Cyril jwakkk... LOL

Anyways, If I were to do this kind of post, you'll be the one I admire in blogging life. The way you post up things. and also photos... =)

Rose Belle said...

Mei is also on my blogroll. I love her photography expertise like yours Willie.

manglish said...

waaaa thank you so much willie for introducing my blog here. thank you thank you. i hope to write more interesting stories in the future also and it is time to brush up my writing skill. have a great weekend, bro!

ps: i follow your blog on great professional photos, keep them coming :)

Tes said...

Glad to discover a lotta teachers blogging. I teach too. :) and moonlight as a photo-blogger at night! :)

Merryn said...

Wait.. I didn't know Mei migrated to Australia.. aiks.. oh dear.. sorry Mei... I read all except the last one.. now.. must go check that out.. :D

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Mei's photography are so phenomenon! thanx bro for the info.. XD

cyrildason said...

OMG. This is rather unexpected, I mean the compliment.

Well, I'm speechless, but Thanks bro. Glad you enjoy reading my blog, and I also share the sentiment with your blog.

Btw, do check ur email. I sent it before I read this blog so its without prejudice. =) I hold high regard on ur blogging skills, and the email will tell you more.

and one more thing.. 16 May, remember the lyrics "Kami Guru Malaysia".. LOL..

betchai said...

thanks for sharing your favorite blogs, will check them out, i love Mei's blog too, did not know she already migrated to Australia.

SunShine said...

Dear Willie,
Thank you for this awesome List you've created. I've had so much fun going through all the blogs you've listed.... and i thought you've always been one of my fav blogger too! Kudos to you Willie! Ü

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Pete > Yes. I enjoy reading their blogs.

AhLost > now you know. Hahah

Emilia > Your blog is good too. Maybe I will blog about it other times.

RoseBelle > You agree with me right?

Manglish > you're welcome.

Tes > Oh! you are a teacher too? Cool...

Merryn > Just a wild guess.

Faizal > Best kan?

cyril > I didn't get the e-mail. Hahaha

Betchai > I like their blogs very much.

Sunshine > Thanks sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Willie, thank you for posting your compliments but I have to correct an error that I am not in Australia but I am based in KL lar! :) Home will always be here...although I must say I love visiting Australia.

Happy CNY to you and your family! :)