31 October 2009

Marina is not a Bumiputera?

(is the girl above a bumiputera? Ahaks! She's just a model, not Marina)

Most Sarawakians may have heard about the case of Marina, an 18 year old SPM leaver from Sri Aman, who was rejected to enter a local matriculation programme because her status was not a "bumiputera"(native). Her father is an Iban and her mother is a Chinese. According to the selection officers from the Ministry of Education, Marina is not a "bumiputera" because her mother is a Chinese.

However in Sarawak constituency, A person is a "bumiputera" if the father is a "bumiputera". But it is a different story in Peninsula. In Sabah, a person is a bumiputera if either one of his or her parents is a "bumiputera". Many applauded Marina's bravery in voicing out her complain to the local media. No doubt, today, many YB's or the big shots are making noise about it Ahaks! because some ministers are married to Chinese. There's one big question here:

A. If a Chinese converted to Muslim because he/she is married to a Malay, does the Malay lost his bumiputera status?

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cyrildason said...

That's a very good question.

I was told by somebody, a friend... that if you are a Bidayuh.. your name will have 'anak' automatically.

But how about those whom convert? Why is the 'anak' missing?

There's a lot of questions which remain unanswered.

The government should address this issue.

Daniel Chiam said...

I've been getting this quite a lot. My dad is a Sino (Chinese+bumi) and my mom is Dusun, so according to logical calculation im a bumi. but... purfff I dont know, I tired of this issues. is it so hard just to accept that we are all malaysian. all this religion and race issues is really messed up. we could only have the liberty that we want if only we could afford to overcome whatever coming to us.

Ms Tikot said...

Pelik tapi benar... Sabah & Sarawak sering dianak tirikan. Benda simple mcm tok pun nak jadi kontroversi. Itukah yg dinamakan 1 Malaysia???

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

non-bumi cannot enter matriculation? why then we have lots of non-bumi (and sino) students in Labuan matriculation programme? could there be a misunderstanding? ... i'm not talking about the overall matriX programme but in that particular institute where that girl, Marina was supposed to enroll.
even a brother of my friend who is a sino entered UiTM.. hmmmm

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Religion and race issues is really messed up in Malaysia. Even we know that they're sooOo many races in Malaysia, but still government patut take this thing seriously.. polah apa yang patut. Don't make people confuse.

CripsyCaiHong said...

complicated isnt it

i mean for marina.its sad for her.haiz

1 malaysia,arents every race share same euqualiy?heehhehhee

Anonymous said...

Very good Question...Government should ammend the Malaysian law or any Act regarding this issue..

wenn said...

muslims always retain their status no matter what..

foongpc said...

Oh, this is a mess alright! The Govt must do something about this especially now they are promoting 1Malaysia.

Ivy Metaga said...

benar jugak ya oh, mmg gd question sb kinek tok, bnyk org kawen campu2 dah...

Mummy Gwen said...

Something is wrong with the system.

Dorothy said...

There is so much unrest everywhere I wonder if there can ever be true choice and peace for any of us.

Dorothy from grammology

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Cyril > Yes. Why ha? I wonder why...

Daniel > Poor you. Hopefully this issue will be resolved the soonest.

MsTikot > Dulu dulu, Konstitusi di Malaysia memang sik seimbang. Kinek tok byk masalah timbol.

Elcynthia > I still have bumi status although my grandma is Chinese. Hahaha

Faizal> They should.

Crispy > that is not happening in reality.

Krisno > Yes. Reformation!

Wenn > Probably because it is the official religion.

FoongPc > I think Najib will do something about this. Hehe

IvyMetaga > Aok. Di Malaysia nek tok, rami dah kawen campur bah sebab kita mok jadi one malaysia.

MummyGwen > YEs. Can u sense it?

Dorothy > Yup. It is everywhere.


willie, never heard about marina, who is she?

Ida Athanazir said...

hmmm.. of course not.

And anak jadi bumi regardless the dad or mom convert. Even the dad convert, the child become muslim bumiputra.

good question!

Ayie said...

why so much discrimination?

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

CtNoramiza > She's an ex-student who applied to enter a matriculation. She is supposed to be a bumiputera according to sarawak law, but rejected because according to the federal law, she is not because her mother is a Chinese.

Ida > A good question kan?

Ayie > Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Things are a bit complicated. Nevertheless, we still live harmoniously.