05 October 2009

Lanterns At Kuching Waterfront

I read in a local newspaper last week about Lantern Festival. The management of Kuching Waterfront publicized that they were giving away 300 lanterns for free. Curious of its response, I decided to have a look at the lantern give away event. When I reached there, at first, I was attracted by the small boats at the river. So I snapped a photo of one of the boats.
Then as I walked along the waterfront, I started seeing people carrying lanterns in their hands. So I decided to look for the lantern distribution counter.
Whalla! I found the counter. To my surprise, the staff distributing the lanterns were Malays. This is truly One Malaysia. Hehehe

They helped out with the fire and the lanterns. Seriously, all the lanterns were given free to public.
Hehe..this guy was really obsesed with lanterns
And finally, I was too tired to walk. So I decided to stop for a while and took a photo of the Chinese temple, which is located at the heart of the city centre.

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wenn said...

interesting to carry those paper lanterns..

Ai Shiang said...

Looks like it's quite an atmosphere there. Hehe! I am also surprised when you mentioned that the Malays distributed all lanterns. That's the way to go! :o)

Norris said...

wah...sempat gak..pakey lens baru ka bro?

chubskulit said...

Wowowow, I haven't seen one like that.. Interesting kind of lantern..

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Rudy said...

paduhal tek ada lantern lantern di waterfront...aku ada pegi melimpas jak reya..part parking ya lah nang malas..

Coffee Girl... said...

nice! kurang sikit traffic jam this year.

SunShine said...

Ahhh! I wish they had sharings like this here!
I was sad I wasnt home for the first time during MoonCake Festival this time. Something like this would definitely cheer me up!

Thanks for Sharing. Ü

cyrildason said...

haaa.... feel lazy la wanna go out these few days.. Seems to be pretty hot nowadays.

Ms Tikot said...

Nice eh... mun tauk tek.. gi water front juak ambik lantern free. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I find those paper lanterns the nicest compared to all the modern inventions in the market these days.

Did you pick up a free lantern?

Ivy Metaga said...

pictures yg cantik..kan best mun ktk ada di sibu, bole snap gambar2 tanglung2 yang byk di gantung di pintu gerbang sibu ya hehe...
sitok pun nang meriah sambutan pesta tanglung last saturday nite di sibu

Borneo Falcon said...

Never thought it was also quite happening in Kuching

lina said...

Wah, so good. Free lanterns so that everyone can celebrate the lantern festival.

ahlost said...

How come I didn't know bout this event? *LOL*

cherie said...

what, no free lantern for the little boy?~~~willie, this reminds me of Christmas!!! happy times, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

interesting bro..

foongpc said...

So big still play with lanterns? I thought they are for little kids! Haha! But seems like fun, doesn't it?

Marlene said...

When I see lanterns I always think that Christmas is approaching.

Willie said...

Wenn > Yes. Very interesting indeed.

AiShiang > It is the spirit of goodwill from them.

Norris > Auk. test lense baru.

Chubskulit > You have not? I am surprised.

Rudy > sikda lah apa apa gilak. Cuma colourful jak.

Coffee > Kan bagus.

Sunshine > Get yourself a lantern. Surely it will be fun.

Cyril > occupied with work?

Mistikot > Rugi u terlepas tek.

MeiTeng > I was busy snapping . Didn't get one for myself. Hahaha

IvyMetaga > Next time ku gi sibu.

BorneoFalcon > Yes. surprise surprise...hahaha

Lina > Good isn't it?

AhLost > Maybe u didn't read the newspaper. Hahaha

Cherie > Christmas is still a long way to go. HAhaha

Krisno > hehe

FoongPc > not for kids only lah...adult also can. Wahahaha

Marlene > Christmas is popular with Christmas trees and lights. I can't wait for it to happen too.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

They are pretty. They don't catch fire?

Love your photos.


last pic, one of the best place i like in kuching!

Ayie said...

i like the last pic