24 February 2009

Why do You Blog?

Today I just feel like writing and no posting of photos. I do hope fellow bloggers will read my post today. Anyway, why do I blog? I was informed that there were many reasons why people stop blogging. One of the reasons is, they feel that nobody reads their blogs.

So, I think (in my personal opinion ), when blogging, firstly, we need to find as many readers as we can, in other word, that's how we make friends right? Do this by blog hopping, and in turn, they will visit your blog too.

Secondly, the reason we blog, is that, we want people to pay attention to what we have to say, therefore, it is best to leave some comments on your friends' blog so that they know you were there and you paid attention to their views.

Thirdly, put them in your blogroll as to show that you do read their blogs and act as a reader to their blogs.

Here I wish to thank all my fellow bloggers for listing me in their blogroll and have been actively commented on my posts. Thanks guys! This is for you...

Thanks to for putting me in your blogroll:
Pn Sara
Sharon Chong
MamaBelian & Cengal
Yatie Sawanila
Mysterious Witch
Jujue Lopez
En Khairul Onggon
En Audio
Pn Nurul Ain Wahab
Nur Enjel
KEngkaru Kong
Kris and Nadia
Dyg Kathy

Those who drop by once a while,...thanks to you too

23 Messages:

Khairul Onggon said...

wahhhh.... kacak eh... errrr... ku baruk jak mok stop blogging koh... sik jadi hehehe... mena kata u ya tek willie... ehek.. Tq tq tq...

Tia said...

ada juga yang memblog untuk meluahkan apa yang terpendam dihati.. this type sik perlu pikir reader nya ramai ke sik..

aku memblog suka-suka... he he he

thanks for the card!

nur enjel said...

One person asked me what is blog? i answered blog is for sharing . Personally, i blog so i can get external opinion, different views and ideas. That's why comment is quite important for me. Sik best la sekda org comment nak ? Other than that, to ignore/avoid annoying situation in the office.haha.

Kay Leaf said...

~*Thank you*~ for your support also~!!!


Anne said...

you are most welcome =)

Bb Hussain said...

willie..you are the first person that leave comment in my first entry in the blog..thank you for your support..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

KhairuL > Boh stop bro kecuali internet dah sikda gik di dunia baru boleh stop. Uwahahaha

mama belian > Yes. there are some people who did that.

Nurenjel > Yes. People's opinions are of great importance too.

KayLeaF > Will always support others.

MummyDzeiqry > You're welcome.

Unknown said...

Why do I blog? since In primary school I like to write and shared with others..but I dont know how..so I keep talking and they called me 'banyak mulut' hehhee..when I'm in secondary school I like to write and I further to another step..speech, forum, dialog and whatsoever competition..and always the top list of 'red alert' hehehhe.. when come to my high school.. I do more in journalism thingy..when come to my working life... doing nothing..busy with life..and suddenly I know about blogging..sharing thought and ideas..hehehehe.. so I give a try..

Anyway, thanx to you too Willie for keep visiting me.. :0

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Wahhhhh...thank you! thank you! kacak! hehe.. XD

Anonymous said...

tersentuh jiwa ku bila tersenarai...
well i blog because i looking for frens
BTW, willie, thank you because always drop by my blog....without fail...

thanks bro

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hoho... a late comment on your post. am blogging just for fun and to nag since my siblings and relatives are 'everywhere'. it's a way to update with each other since we rarely meet. They rarely leave comment however, more like sending me emails and IMs... hehee...

erolnukman said...

makseh banyak2 juak...
minak masa tok aku jarang update blog aku..gambar pun byk sik d upload gik.besarang jak lam memoricard.tok singgah jengok2 kejap jak..
anyway,,skali gik trima kasih willie..

Mysterious Witch said...

owh.. I'm touched.. :)Thanks for the card... :)

I blog because I want to share my point of view. And when people read it, I felt appreciated. :)

p/s: Can I take the card and paste in my blog? :)

Unknown said...

wehh aku blog utk diwii ku sendiwi..hahaha boleh ke? syok sendiri namanya tuh! sajer nak simpan info2 penting.. kira macam diary lah.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

C.alVB > You like writing and sharing thoughts? That's cool. I believe many people will like to hang around you, because they can listen to your stories. Hehe

Audio > Most welcome.

Yatie > Yes. Blogging is one of the ways to find friends. I got to know many people since blogging.

elycnthia > It's good that other people related to you blog too. I agree with you that it is one way to update others of what is happening to you.

erolnukman > Yeah. U roCk!

Mysterious Witch > I always enjoy reading your blog.

Mell_f said...

I blog for any reasons but not to get famous. I love to voice out my opinions,virtually ;)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Jujue > Erk...syok...

MellF > Yerp

Sara said...

thanks to u too...

fonsusz said...

thanks a lot bro...

Kris and Nadia said...

okay... nice to knw it :) blogger friends forever..nanti kita org mo pg miri bawa la jalan2 ya.. :) kris ja slalu pg miri dia offshore kan.. ba :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Sara , Fonsusz, Kris and Nadia> Friends forever. Ahaks! Anyway nadia, I'm not in Miri. I'm in Kuching. Hehehe

The Black Mamba said...

I've added you to my roll. I've been meaning to do so for a long time.

Happy blogging.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Ssembonge > Gee thanks