16 January 2009

Me_Cute Virus

Have you heard about me-cute.exe virus? Well... I have just discovered it. This virus has made everything on my desktop disappeared. It happened to my personal laptop and also my office desktop. I tried many ways to eliminate this virus through different anti-virus but failed.

So one day, I surfed other people's blog and found this guy's blog. Click here > Vin'z Blog. He provided me with an application to remove the me_cute virus.

So, if your screen suddenly become empty and you are only left with a wallpaper...it is definitely a me_cute virus.

I've downloaded the cure. If you need help, just get a copy from me.

3 Messages:

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Thanks for the info Willie.I've never encountered such problem yet and hopefully never will.I guess I just need to be more cautious on this.

cdason said...

Wah.. I got hacked.. you got buged!!

Wonder what other's will experience next???

Audio said...

Aku penah kenak me_cute virus tok.. and to be precise, the file is called me_cute.JPEG. Just beware of this virus. Biasanya virus tok akan disebarkan melalui emails, YM or any other dcc send files. Apabila kita click jak file ya, nya akan auto trigger and bermulalah virus ya conquer your computer. Macam kes aku reya, i end up formatting abis.. senang crita ehek.