17 December 2008

Gundam Toys

I'm a fan of Gundam and here are two new Gundams that my friends have bought.

Gundam Kyrios from Gundam 00. High Grade type , scale 1/100

Gundam Impulse from Gundam Seed Destiny series. This is a Master Grade type.

If you are interested in this kind of stuff, please don't buy the one made in China. You'll regret it. Always buy from Bandai. More photos in my facebook.

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lvynana said...

I luv Gundam Seed Destiny, but I dont collect these stuff.

abang sardon said...

willie, i see that u love this gundam toys. bet u adore doraemon once..? :) tough looking toy mate. must be costly if made by bandai...luckily my little boy is not crazy abt it. matai! terus menjunam! lol

Willie said...

Ivynana > Oh gosh... i rarely find a lady who loves Gundam. Too bad you don't collect those.

abg Sardon > I enjoyed doraemon before. But it's over. Yes, Bandai toys are expensive but worth buying. It could cost you a week's budget. But then...for me, anything that is considered as my hobby, i will not be particular about money. Ahaks!

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Honestly, I know nothing and never heard of Gundam before not until you highlighted it in your blog. Maybe I'm behind time here. Thanks to you.

Kadus_Mama said...

Hi..just dropping by to say hello..
By the way, nice shot of your gundam there..

Audio said...

Bro!~..Gundam is one of my fav juak XD

I've collection of Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam Wing here :)

Willie said...

Hamidah > It's okay. there no one in this world knows about everything. Ahaks!

Kadus Mama > Thanks.

Audio > Wah bro. sik ku sangka. Rupanya u minat juak bro. Cayalah.
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Sara said...

okeyy.. now i knew mcm mane rupa gundam. hehehe... transformer i tau laa

khairul onggon said...

Ada menan Gundam oooo... Ku sekda menan dah.. dolok minat ngumpol soldier nakkaler ijo ya.. Hehehe.. Nice collection la..