26 November 2008

A Chinese Wedding

I always love attending a Chinese wedding. Simple and nice. Last weekend, I went to a friend 's wedding at 14th mile. Here are some long-distant shots I took. Sorry about the poor quality.

Some sort of a "must thing to do" for new couple. They had to eat the cake from mouth to mouth.

The couple had to buy 4 Digits number from Magnum. They called it "wedding night lucky number". I wasn't sure how much they bought that number. If I am a player, surely I will buy the number that they have spin. Hahahaha

The couple had to choose a number by spinning the number from this box. Sorry guys, I can't remember what the numbers were.

Friends of the bridegroom.

7 Messages:

Anonymous said...

did u eat ur cake from mouth to mouth on ur wedding? lol. kinda... hmm. i'd be shy to do that on stage!

C.Alv.B said...

Hahahahha...mouth to mouth cake?? I only know hand by hand wine hehehhe. Wait till I get married first..looking around hehehhe

Ethel said...

Aww.. that is so romantic! :)

Willie said...

Samantha > Nope. Didn't do that. Lucky me. Would you Sam?
CalvB> I'm sure they'll ask you to do it when you get married later. Hahaha
Ethel> You think so? Hehehe

sharon (^.^) said...

yeah that would be romantic. :)

One Other ... said...

So how far does the cake eating go? till u finish the whole cake in the other person's mouth, or only till the tip of the tongue? Heheh. I bet they had lots of practice before they do this in public. *wink*

Willie said...

Sharon> U love that?
One other > Yes...till the cake is finished. I guessed many couples kissed before they are officially married. Hahahaha so they are experts.