06 November 2008

Animax Lovers

I am sure many Animax Lovers would know that the Gundam 00 season 2 is now playing in our TV. Gundam collectors like us will surely hunt for the robots they show. Lucky for my friend that I showed him a nice toy shop in Everisse 4th Mile and he managed to buy himself the one and only latest Gundam from this shop. It's not easy to find new Gundams in Malaysia. They are all imported from Japan. Sometimes, you have to wait for months for a new model to arrive here.

2 Messages:

abang sardon said...

gundam eh? i used to see similar models of different animax characters selling at hopoh satok. very highly priced indeed!

luckily my little son doesnt go for the animax characters but his craze for ben 10 memorabilias drives me (and my wife) crazy...jam ben 10 lah, pistol ben 10 lah, fon ben 10 lah, baju ben 10 lah. ah, today's kids!

last time kita main getah, tangkap ikan dalam parit and get kudis di kaki...:)

Willie said...

Sardon > U know la. Kids nowdays. Hahaha... I have this liking to Gundam when i started to work. Not during my childhood days. Anyway, thanks. For my kids, i just buy the Rm5 something one. Hahahah

The Gundam Made by Bandai is of high quality. Don't buy the ones from China.They are imported directly from Japan and the components are well fitted to one another. That's why, it is expensive.